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Plavix & Taxol

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As the result of a heart attack, I had 4 stents put into my heart last Monday. Since being in the hospital, I have had serious gluten reactions...heightened anxiety/aggressiveness, flue like symptoms w/ 2=3 degree temp, very achy, stomach very upset, and naturally, watery diarrhea 4-5 times a day. None of the "doctors" seem to have heard of Celiac disease, even though I keep explaining it and my reactions. I contacted Bristol-Myers Squibb who makes Paxil and Taxol (the latter coats the stents and is slowly released) and they could not verify that their product does not contain gluten.....how can that be possible. Anyway, have any of you guys had any experience with Plavix? Thanks.

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If Bristol is saying something like they don't put in gluten but they can't guarantee their suppliers, then the meds are almost without question gluten-free. This is just a standard CYA statement.

If you ate hopsital food or are still eating hospital food this is more likely to be the source of your gluten. In general, hospitals are terrible about the gluten-free diet.


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