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Celiac Problems

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I have had Celiac for almost 7 years now and for the last year it seems that no matter what I eat and how careful I am, I end up having at least 3 celiac attacks a week. I am concerned because it seems that no matter how careful I am it is getting worse. Does Celiac ever get worse or could it be something else?

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There are a couple of possibilities; either you are getting sneaky gluten somewhere you don't suspect or there is something else wrong.

We can become so used to the diet that we become lax in checking out the basic foods and spices we've been using. I would suggest you go through your cupboards and spice rack and double check it all. Formulas change and I have been caught by a product I used frequently when I didn't check the ingredients every time.

Have you checked all your meds and supplements? I know that the meds I receive from the pharmacy can be changed each time if they decide another company has a better price. Then the fillers may no longer be safe.

In this case, a food journal where you also note symptoms can be very helpful. If you can pinpoint the moment the contamination is occuring and list your diet here, someone may be able to spot something that's a potential problem. If it's happening that frequently, there's probably a particular food, spice or med that's getting you.

If none of this reveals the problem, it may be another health problem altogether.

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