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Newbie Looking 4 A Simple Meal Layout

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i'm not to fussed with what i eat as long as it is gluten free

i use to eat wheatabix and 2 bit's of toast in the morning

then dinner mid day

and 2 bit's of toast again with maybe cheese at night time, whilst having a slight snack during the time periods.

now too the gluten free diet, i have the light snacks sorted i will just have things like fruit and veg

for the morning - i will use 2 slices of gluten free bread with chicken

dinner time - not to sure maybe jacket potato with beans and tuna

night time - again 2 slices of gluten free bread with chicken

does this sound like an ok diet, feedback welcome

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Here is what I eat:

Breakfast: A piece of fruit and a bowl of Honey nut Chex cereal or gluten free pancakes with applesauce and strawberry jelly (real fruit kind) or poached eggs with some gluten free bread and turkey bacon

Lunch: a can of tuna mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil and some salt and pepper wrapped in a lettuce leaf with other veggies or corn tortillas and cheese with salsa or leftover dinner from night before

Dinner: Spinach quiche, Veggie and Turkey bacon Fritatta, Spinach and mushroom Lasagna, Shish Kababs with brown rice, Stir fry with brown rice, or Spring Rolls

Snacks: Fruit, rice crackers, popcorn, real fruit popcicles, fudgecicles, jello, pudding, or chocolate covered fruit (like strawberries or bananas)

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Daphnelia: We have the same breakfasts! Weird!

For lunch, I like to make salads. If I don't have time to chop things, I'll make a turkey (Boarshead) sandwich with gluten-free bread (ONLY home made, though - I have never been a bread snob, but I can NOT stand store bought gluten-free bread. I've tried lots of kinds and just can't deal with them) and have a piece of fruit.

For dinner, it really varies, but some of the things I like a lot are stir-fried shrimp and veggies with rice, tuna steaks with broccoli or asparagus, a baked sweet potato with some kind of veggie, etc. I try to be as vegetable-intensive as I can. I also live in Florida, and try to take advantage of the seafood! Plus raw chicken grosses me out, so if we're having chicken, my boyfriend gets to make it. He also makes an absolutely delicious meal involving 1 can of tomatoes, 2 cans of white beans, fresh garlic, and fresh sage, which he combines in a pot and cooks. Then he puts sausage in his serving and I eat mine plain. So simple, and so tasty! We love to have this with interesting salads full of yummy things.

Snacks: fresh fruit, Greek yogurt, rice crackers, Sensible Foods dried fruit packets, Kozy Shack rice pudding.

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For a healthy snack or light lunch, my kids love a plate of "Lunchables". Just like the packet you can buy at the grocery store, it's just a plate with cold cut meats (Hormel is a trusted company--meaning they list all gluten ingredients clearly on their labels) and various types of cheeses (swiss, pepper jack, cheddar, etcetera). Stick some crackers in a bowl and make little cracker sandwiches. Olives can be safe as well, to top them off. Some cream-cheese spreads are safe too. Just read labels. Like Hormel, Kraft is a trusted company. They clearly label gluten ingredients.

For crackers, I recommend: Diamond brand makes some very tasty rice crackers; Glutino crackers taste & feel sort of like Ritz; Mary's Gone Crackers makes some nutty, crunchy crackers.

I'm not just a parent of a kid with celiac disease. I'm also a teacher and author. I write novels for young adults. Feel free to visit my teen advice column online. Click here if you're curious about my site. B)

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