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  1. Hi! I was wondering if you ever found a group in Gainesville or started one up. If not would you still be interested?

  2. FMcGee

    Agave Syrup?

    I've heard it's just as bad as high fructose corn syrup in terms of the impact it has on your blood sugar, that it isn...
  3. I work out all the time, and did whatever I wanted, and it was fine. Don't worry about abdominal exercises. If they're...
  4. I'm glad you found so many ice creams with clear labels. The difference for me is that by listing "skim milk" and "cream...
  5. Since amino acids are the building blocks of protein, I'd be suspicious.
  6. Me too! Have you tried the Hagen Dasz "Five Ingredients" style? We got the ginger flavor and it knocked my socks off...
  7. Just FYI, if anyone cares: this stuff is TERRRRRRRIBLE for you. It's all synthetic chemicals, there's no "food" there...
  8. I agree, it would be on the label. I just wonder if there's something about the over-processing required for enrichment...
  9. I don't know how the enrichment process works with Minute rice, but I do know that enriched foods tend to be pretty terrible...
  10. Are you eating any foods (or chewing gum) that contains sugar alcohols, like xylitol or sorbitol (there are others, I...
  11. My sister in law got me 1000 Gluten Free Recipes for Christmas, and I love it. It has a nice wide variety of foods and...
  12. I think they're victim to soy sauce as well. At least that's what they told me at the sushi place down the street.
  13. Oh, and masago is NOT gluten-free, at least any place where I get sushi.
  14. Hey, David! I eat sushi all the time too. Other people may have additional tips, but I've found you have to avoid fake...
  15. FMcGee

    Celiac Horseback Riding?

    I've been riding my whole life too, and teaching lessons since forever. Inevitably, some idiot ten year olds will decide...