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    Cooking (and now, learning about gluten-free cooking!), running, movies, politics and activism, history
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Hi! I'm a grad student living in Florida with a brand-new diagnosis of celiac and a compulsion to seek out information about it. I live with a wonderful non-celiac partner and our dogs and cats. I'm definitely a rookie at this gluten-free thing, but I have long been interested in health and nutrition, so even though I'm sad about not getting to eat delicious bread anymore, I'm excited to learn even more about this healthy lifestyle!

  1. Hi! I was wondering if you ever found a group in Gainesville or started one up. If not would you still be interested?

  2. Yeah, this is a contamination issue. The "1/8 tsp" thing doesn't really hold up for anyone I know. I've been glutened from pots that have had wheat pasta cooked in them before. There wasn't 1/8 tsp. of flour in those either. Also, as someone else said, soy sauce will have wheat in it unless you...
  3. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  4. Sigh. Are there any good, reasonably inexpensive, reasonably healthy cereals out there? I'm not into Kix and coco puffs and that kind of thing (cinnamon Chex is about as far down that path as I'll go) but I can't afford EnviroKids all the time either.
  5. Ugh. I didn't see barley malt in the strawberry, but can we assume the "mixed tocopherols" are safe?
  6. I was having problems with the cinnamon one too. Today I went to the store and decided to look at the ingredients list again. Barley malt. My freakin grocery store put them in the gluten free section even though these are apparently STILL the pre-gluten-free ones. I am ashamed to admit that I cried...
  7. I completely agree, and don't think this is limited to people with celiac disease. Look how many "quick fix" diet plans are out there, and every year there's a new pill that promises to actually work this time, you guys, no really, we mean it now. They never work. The only way to really be healthy...
  8. I actually just had a doctor on the phone, and her response was, "Yeah, right." She's someone who's pretty open to natural remedies and definitely open to new ideas, and she said that you can actually hurt yourself a lot with this stuff, aside from the possibility that it's just masking the symptoms...
  9. Mellowyellow took the words right out of my mouth - I cannot message or email you. I'm new to this forum too, just starting my gluten-free diet too, also very into exercise and fitness and healthy eating/living, we're both female about the same age, and I saw on one of your posts you always had bad migraines and other issues I constantly have. We are very much in the same boat so I thought it

  10. Thanks! That's great. I bought a box of Almond NutThins and saw afterwards that there's a cross-contamination warning, and got sad, but now I can break them open with a flourish!
  11. Hey! It won't let me email or message you. But I was curious as to how you're doing gluten-free, athletic--all that stuff. Will it let you message me?