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  1. Hiya! Yeah, so afterwards I called up the doctor, explained my symptoms and they said I had gastritis. It turned out it wasn't the gluten in the toothbrush head causing me symptoms but the mint in toothpaste. The mint then relaxes my upper esophagus valve which then causes the nausea/heartburn. I...
  2. Nope, haven't touched them for weeks. Also, I found out the problem was the head of my toothbrush.
  3. There's a deficiency which causes your antibodies to never raise regardless of the amount of gluten you intake which occurs to 5% of all tests. I am telling you now though that gluten is the problem. Nah, I have been completely sober since August (four months ago) when all these symptoms...
  4. No, I checked the toothpaste and it's definitely gluten free. It's most likely the toothbrush head and somehow there is still gluten on it. So I've bought new toothbrush heads and new toothpaste just to be sure. I'm feeling relatively good this morning.
  5. Hi, thanks for your reply! Sorry, I am replying so late (Christmas and all). I've had four celiac blood tests in the past two years with all coming out negative but I am still convinced it's celiac disease. I tried to do the endoscopy but got three days in and it was all too much for me. I...
  6. Hi all, I am 19, Male and live inside the UK. I weigh around 10st and I am 6ft 4. To cut a long story short, I am not officially diagnosed with celiac disease but gluten causes me crippling pain to the point where I can't even walk, severe diarrhea and loss of appetite. The crippling pain...