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Anti -reticulin Ab

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I've not yet been diagnosed with any disease in particular but I've just been tested positive for anti reticulin AB. My GP said this is present in people who have coeliac and people with systemic sclerosis. Lupus has also been suggested. The coeliac blood test I had about 8 months ago was negative and I haven't had another test yet. Until I go to see a rheumatologist I'm still pretty much in the dark. I'm on this forum hopefully to see whether or not my symptoms are similar to other people who suffer with coeliac. My main symptoms are:

1. Very loose stools (sometimes diarrhoea) very pale in colour

2. Joint pain in most joints and stiffness on waking up

3. Extreme tiredness, no energy at all

4. Lack of concentration

5. Low mood

6. Some form of dermatisis on my ears (very itchy)

7. No appetite but not losing weight!

Any thoughts on the above would be appreciated as I'm very worried since I could be suffering from one of the other diseases.

Thanks for reading, be very glad of some help.


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