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After Advise On Symptoms / Blood Test Results

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That says very little about your gluten/celiac status. The only thing on there that is related it the endomesial antibody.

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Hello all,

I’ve been suffering from various symptoms recently, for which my doctor sent me off some blood tests. Having done my own research I had suspected celiac / gluten intolerance (amongst other things), but the tests came back good / negative on all counts. I am just hoping for some experienced and knowledgable minds to be kind enough to take the time to let me know if these results completely rule out a problem with gluten (or make it very unlikely), or if it is still a possibility / there are further tests that would be necessary to rule it out. Also any other suggestions for possible causes of my symptoms (bearing in mind my blood test results) would be hugely appreciated.

My symptoms seem pretty usual judging by what I’ve read on this site; the digestive symptoms I’ve been having for 5 or 6 months, seemingly out of nowhere, whilst the other symptoms have appeared, or at least worsened, in the last few weeks:

- Constipation / ‘incomplete’ bowel movements (whose official term I’m told is low rectal satisfaction!)

- Bloating, gas, bad flatulence, churning stomach, nausea, heartburn, indigestion etc

- Constant lethargy, fatigue, aching, lack of energy etc

- Sometimes light-headedness and occasional dizziness and poor co-ordination

- Brain fog – difficulty in thought, concentration, feel awkward holding a conversation, feel spaced out like I’m on drugs etc

- Feel irritable, depressed etc

And here are my blood test results, or at least those which I think are relevant here:

- Endomysial antibody lgG level – Absent

- Blood glucose – 4.3 mmol/L (seems normal, and rules out hypoglycaemia)

- TSH (thyroid hormone) – 2.2 MicroU/L (Normal thyroid)

- Haemoglobin – 15 g/dL \

- Blood folate – 6.8 ug/L > (All seem normal and rule out anemia)

- Serum ferritin – 91 ug/L /

- B12 level – 646 umol/L (Is this normal? I couldn’t find a reference point anywhere on the net)

- Blood folate – 6 .8 ug/L (Apparently normal)

So I guess the advice / info I am after, based on my symptoms and test results, is:

1) Do my tests completely rule out celiac / gluten intolerance?

2) Either way, what other causes for my symptoms could there be?

3) What other tests (blood or otherwise) should I think about getting done, whether to check further for GI or to check for other causes?

Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

It doesn't look like you got a full blood panel for Celiac. There is a possibility you still may have it. Also you need to continue eating gluten for the tests to come out accurate.

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Hello all,


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