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Gluten Challenge

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I started a gluten challenge yesterday at lunch. I have yet to have any really bad symptoms. I have been gluten free for about 5 months. I do have a lot of burping and today I felt like I was in a funk, this after being so happy go lucky for months now.

Have any of you done a gluten challenge? When and how did your symptoms return? What were the results of any testing???

Thanks for responding!!!!

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I've done one deliberately twice. The first time I was under an allergists care and I reacted with severe D and an increase in my other celiac related symptoms by day three. My reaction was violent and the allergist instructed me to discontinue the challenge and referred me to a GI. The GI of course ordered me to do another challenge and my reaction was even more severe and it was then that I finally got my 'official' diagnosis.

If you are doing a challenge so that you can be officially diagnosed do keep the doctor in the loop as far as your reactions go. If your symptoms become severe let them know. If the challenge is to prepare for a biopsy then you need to stay on gluten for from 6 weeks to 3 months for any chance of it showing up in the biopsy.

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