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Elimination Diet Question

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Ok so I have had stomach issues basically my whole life and diagnosed with IBS. About 7 months ago, it got much worse and I was hospitalized and lost a ton of weight. ANYWAY-since then, I have had a bunch of blood tests--all negative for celiac...I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy with biopsies and it was negative for celiac.

Just went to an allergist a couple days ago and he tested for food allergies--all negative...He put me on an elimination diet--this is what I am eating:

Chicken, rice, carrots, string beans, broccoli, apple, pear, plum and water

It is day 2 and I am so excited because I have no pain and other symptoms I normally feel! Going from 7 months of pain to none is a complete miracle...but now I am curious...

Since I've tested negative for just about everything, could this still be celiac? Or maybe just a gluten intolerance?

Thanks for taking the time to read that!

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Unfortunately, there are LOTS of things that can cause abdominal pain :angry: You wouldn't believe how many tests I've had in the last year trying to figure out what's causing my ongoing symptoms.

Anyway... it's absolutely possible to have gluten intolerance and not have celiac disease. It's also possible that you have intolerance(s) to other foods. I had no idea I was intolerant to corn until I took it out of my diet as an experiment to help my breastfed son (who... as it turns out... has a true allergy to corn that shows up on a skin test). That could be why you're feeling better :) I hope it continues. Best of luck figuring out all your problem foods!

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