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Enterolab Vs. Kimball Genetics

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I need help deciding which company to go through for genetic testing. Her IgG was high, all else was within normal. Her biopsy was inconclusive. Two brothers have celiac disease. She has a 4 year history of migraines with nausea and vomiting. She is gluten-free but has been getting her migraines at least every other week. We need to determine if she has other indicators of celiac disease and would like a genetic test for her and possibly other family members. What lab would work best for us? Any ideas? I can't determine any great differences between the companies that U've been reading about.

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I got a genetic blood test through Prometheus. They are a well trusted lab with celiac disease but my insurance did not cover that test. If you do not want to do that I would suggest Enterolab testing.

She has it in her family so chances are against her. She has symptoms of it...are you sure she has been completely gluten free? Soaps,shampoos, cosmetics, etc....? Does she have anything at school that could be affecting her or at any friends houses?

My main symptom was nausea and whenever I am glutened I get nausea for about 2 weeks. Has she been going good on the diet? How long has she been gluten free? If you are still testing she should not be on a gluten free diet because that can make tests come back inaccurate. Was she on the diet when tested before?

Enterolab is probably a good option because they do not make you get back on gluten for testing. Here is their site to get more info http://enterolab.com/

This is a great place for info and the people on here are great...so if you have any questions just ask :D


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