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Need A Doctor In Phoenix

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Can anyone suggest a celiac-understanding primary care physician in the Phoenix area? I would especially be interested in one who is very informed about all the other problems associated with the disease, or which celiac can cause or irritate....

Thank you!

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Sheesh, I wish I could find one. I have only used alternative support. If I go to the doctor they are very demeaning. No one has ever been willing to help. I have gone to a few alternative places. Alternative places have great information but nothing you cannot find online and I end up spending a fortune on suppliments. I love shopping at Sprouts. They used to have a Celiac group that met. You might want to see if you have a Sprouts near you, maybe you can see if they have a posting there where people with celiac meet and maybe someone in the group has a great doctor. I have met so many gals who gluten intollerent in the gluten free isle in the store. I need to start asking who they go to. Maybe do celiac specialists in AZ online search and start from there. I have been to over 50 doctors in AZ and I still have had no help. Goodluck to you...

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