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  1. happy2bme

    Is This Another Sensitivity?

    Potatoes, nuts and seeds, rice, corn, alternative flours you may be using, bell pepper, cucumbers, squash, bananas. I noticed many people on here with celiac have sensitivities to many other foods. The ones I put down may sound silly. They are no no foods for my daughter. They even make her cry, get pink under her eyes, and misbehave. Goodluck finding the culprit. Maybe even have a food sensitivity panel done on her to put you one step ahead of the game. Goodluck to you!
  2. happy2bme

    Need A Doctor In Phoenix

    Sheesh, I wish I could find one. I have only used alternative support. If I go to the doctor they are very demeaning. No one has ever been willing to help. I have gone to a few alternative places. Alternative places have great information but nothing you cannot find online and I end up spending a fortune on suppliments. I love shopping at Sprouts. They used to have a Celiac group that met. You might want to see if you have a Sprouts near you, maybe you can see if they have a posting there where people with celiac meet and maybe someone in the group has a great doctor. I have met so many gals who gluten intollerent in the gluten free isle in the store. I need to start asking who they go to. Maybe do celiac specialists in AZ online search and start from there. I have been to over 50 doctors in AZ and I still have had no help. Goodluck to you...
  3. I never heard of that. I have a lot of heart pain and I catch my breath at night when I sleep and sometimes it is really scary. I used to make it worse by panicing. After years of food elimination and testing and reading what my body has to say I found that in my personal case it was any thing with soy (any type of soy even lecithin.) Also BHT. I want to get my heart checked. I read somewhere that people with food issues can lay down and rest and there is a valve that after relaxing wither closes or stays open which may cause the gasping. I have no insurance to I have not made it a priority to have it checked. It was listed as harmless. Celiac in bllood testing is a joke. A lower GI is the best way. If your body doesn't like something no matter what your tests say listen to it! Careful on Vitamin D you can over do it. Try elimintating soy and watch the BHT as well. It is in gum and many other foods. See if this helps. When I stopped wheat my hormones went loopy as well. It took about a year for everything to balance out. Good luck to you!
  4. happy2bme

    Staples To Have In Your Kitchen

    We use garbonzo bean flour, but it is very strong and has its own taste. I recommend it when breading meat and veggies and frying them.
  5. Mc Donald's fries are a controversy for gluten. A man is even sueing them for getting sick after eating them and he has celiac. I stay safe and keep away from restaurants all together unless they have a gluten free menu and still you really don't know. I did find places online that sell gluten testing kits so when you go out to eat you can test your food before eating it. I bought some and I am waiting from the kit to be delivered. Do a search online and there are a few who offer them. Also there are so many ingredients in the recipies you wouldn't believe. Soy is in so many items now a days. Sometime some of us can eat out and don't realize that foods may have many other things in them that may bother us that we are not aware. Try a test kit to help and if something still bothers you listen to your body and stay away from those items.
  6. happy2bme

    Dreams Of Not Being Able To Eat Anything

    Wow dreams? It must be really bothering you. Give it time and I bet they go away. I remember first being told I needed to eliminate gluten. It was like the end of the world. I got over the cheating and the hump and it became my lifestyle. It was now normal to me and not as shocking. Then I still had issues. I found I also couldn't have so many other things. So your dream is my reality. Haha. It's all good though. It will keep me healthier in the long run right? Hopefully once you get over the hump I bet the dreams will go away. Just think gluten is like glue that helps foods stick together. Its not that great anyway. Also there are so many alternatives. Try not eating after 6 or 7 at night. If you eat too close to bedtime you are bound to keep having stong dreams.
  7. Its frustrating to have to add unhealthy items to gain weight. Keep on going on the testing and I wish you the best. I recommend parasite testing done in a stool test as well. Feel lucky. Not only are my child and I gluten intolerent but we also cannot have soy, dairy, potatoes,zuccini, eggs, rice, corn, most beans besides garbanzo and mung, any fruit or sugar, red meat and tomato sauce. Also no alternatives to grain. Drinking chicken broth and adding our favorite veggies sometimes throughout the day helps us keep on the weight. Lots of chicken. Maybe you could try cassava chips, rice crackers and gluten free cerials with almond, hemp or rice milk if you can have them. Some cardio is great as well. Oh and make sure you are totally gluten free. It can be hiding in bulk nuts and other grains, yellow mustard is a no no unless you buy a rice vinegar one. Many say they are gluten free because of the way it is processed but I have heard a lot of people who still had issues. I would stay away from going out to eat as well. Outback Steak House, PF Changs and a few others have a gluten free menu but many people have more sensitivities than they realize and other things may be adding to the problem??? Goodluck to you. =)
  8. happy2bme

    How To Heal A Leaky Gut

    Probiotics (eneric coated) dairy and soy free glutamine (very important) minimize sticky carbs stay away from red meat chicken broth and fish are great protein. My doctor said to sip on the broth throughout the day for it is a great source of protein for those on a strict diet Stay away from dairy all together MSM, glucosamine and collagen supplement Also get tested for fungus and parasites by an alternative practitioner. I say alternative as far as one who has great experience in stool testing. The test will be more accurate and they catch more. Standard labs are not as up to date and miss most issues. Goodluck and Godbless