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Skin Reaction

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Hello~ I have been gluten-free for 2 mos. I have seen INCREDIBLE results and can't imagine eating a diet with gluten in it again. One thing I have noticed the past few weeks is my skin is extremely dry, flaky, and breaking out on my forehead and sides (close to my ears). I was chatting with my skin care consultant and she asked if I had made any changes in my diet and it dawned on me that my skin could be (temporary) reacting to the gluten-free diet. Is this possible you think?! I normally have dry skin in the winter but it's not as dry as it has been this summer. THANKS!

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You could have other food intolerances since with celiac comes leaky gut, especially at first. You may also need to take B vitamins (co-enzyme ones are the most absorpable) and fat soluble vitamins like Vit. A. Fish oil is a good source since it also gives you vitamin D and Omega 3. Primrose oil might also help quite a lot. Further, pro-biotics might be in order. I am finding making 24 hour home-made yogurt is helping with a variety of conditions, including a flaky skin condition that has been hard to heal. Plus this yogurt is a great source of cheap pro-biotics as well as being good to eat. To find out on how to make it etc. check out the specific carbohydrate diet (scd). There is a thread here on scd that may be useful to you. It also involves going off all grains---which may or may not be necessary for you for a while... Detox herbs like dandelion and yellow dock can also help the skin as well as the liver and intestines, as I just suggested some elsewhere on another thread today. I suggest you do the search function and you can find out more.

Good luck! Am so glad the gluten free diet is overall working for you!


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