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Can't Get Gi's Office To Respond - Need Advice

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I'm very frustrated with my GI's office right now. I went in early last week and he gave me a lab order for blood work and scheduled an endoscopy and colonoscopy for this Thurs. He told me to wait to get the blood work done because he wanted his office to call my insurance to confirm everything was covered. And if anything isn't covered I'm supposed to skip that test for now. Well I hadn't heard from them by Wed of last week (2 days after appt) so I left his nurse a voicemail. On friday I called my insurance and they said that without the 5-digit codes on the lab orders they can't tell me if it's covered. But they were able to tell me someone called to get the ok for the procedures but didn't ask about blood work. Yesterday I called the dr office again and this time left voicemails for both his scheduler and medical assistant but still haven't heard back.

I'm not sure if I should cancel my procedures at this point until I can get the blood work done. Or go get the bloodwork done and just hope everything is covered (we have pretty good insurance). Or if I should go to the appt on Thurs without having had bloodwork done. This doctor is supposed to be the best GI in town and even one of the best in the state so I'm very suprised I'm having these problems.

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If your GI is local to you I would suggest you go park yourself in the office until someone gives you an answer. That said there are false negatives with both blood and biopsies and if you can't get an answer I would go ahead with the endo and see if they can draw the blood the same day. Do make sure to stress that you want at least 6 biopsies taken. After all the tests are done go ahead and get started on the diet. Your body may give you the answer before you even go for test results.

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