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Living And gluten-free In Beijing

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I am living for the past 1,5 years in Beijing and was diagnozed 2 months ago with a "severe case" of celiac disease. Am experiencing that being gluten free in Beijing is quite a challenge (most restaurants haven't heard of the word gluten, no gluten free stores, brands that are safe in the West, might not be safe here if they have been localised). Assuming that I am not the only one out here with celiac disease, I thought it might be a good idea to start up a support group ... so we can help out each other with tips, cooking, ...

So, please give a shout if you are gluten intolerent, allergic or have celiac disease!


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xposted now in 2 places..

We have some suspected gluten intolerant people in our family...or wheat allergy. Not sure! Haven't done the testing but know to stay away from wheat!

Anyway we live in Beijing.

I just started a Yahoo group called BJFoodAllergiesSpecialDiets with lotsa Gluten-free Casein-free folks there. Come on down! Liora in Beijing

I found another thread and will repost this great info I found there:

[he found] xanthan gum locally and have the Chinese for it. Here's the characters if this helps any of you:


Its about 40 rmb per kilo


"I have a chinese Translation which describes celiac disease shortly and states what is allowed to eat and what not. If anybody is interested I can send it to you. Just write your email to gjp{at}keba.com and I will send you the pdf file."

I also found this http://www.celiactravel.com/gluten-free-ca...5-mandarin.html a Restaurant card explaining Gluten intolerance! I've already shared with my group so many things from this forum...thank you all!! Liora

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One more celiac in Beijing here. Also member of the yahoo group for Allergies and Special Diets. I have been diagnosed a few weeks ago and I am looking for people with the same gluten allergy. I know very little about it and I nned a crash course! Eating has becoming a hassle.

One question for Annick, what do you mean with a severe case? I hear that there are different types/levels but I'm not clear about it. Would you elaborate a little bit for me?

Also, I am looking for Celiac disease info in Chinese, can anybody help?



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