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Primary Amennorhea

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I have read about the connection between celiacs and amennorhea, but, am looking specifically for info on primary amennorhea.

My daughter (now 17 almost 18) was tested for Celiacs when she was 11. The indication for testing was that she had fallen off her growth curve - from 25th percentile (height) to the 5th. She also had periodic episodes of tummy aches and frequent stools. She had a very slightly elevated serum anti gliadin ab, but subsequent biopsy was negative. We were told that she did not have to avoid wheat.

She was followed by a pediatric GI for a few years and was on a medication aimed to calm her "rumbly bowel". This and a focus at home on good nutrition and healthy snacks between meals got her back on her normal growth curve.

Fast forward five years. At 16 she had not started her period. Her BMI was on the low side, she was advised to try to gain a little weight. Which she did; when nothing was happening she was put on Estradiol and she did have a period just shy of her 17th birthay. After another period 2 months later she was seen again and they felt she needed to be on an oral contraceptive to further regulate things. 3 months later she was expeiencing anxiety and depression. She immediately stopped taking the pill and was referred to a psychologist. After reading a ton of stuff and connecting all the dots, I talked to her about going gluten free and she agreed.

Her last period (after dc'ing the pills) was mid July. It's been almost 8weeks off the pill, and 7 weeks going gluten free. (She had a few slip ups early on, but is really being responsible and doing well with things). She feels physically better and sees the difference herself; her mood also seems to be lighter. She is still seeing a counselor but so far has not been put on any psychotropic drugs; does not have an appointment with a psychiatrist til the end of September.

I definitely think that gluten intolerance is at least a significant contributing factor if not the major cause for her delayed development and her depression (although the BCP's probably didn't help the depression.) It would be really really really great iif she spontaneously had a period before the end of September. That way we wouldn't have to entertain considering hormonal treatments again.... and it would be a piece of evidence I could discuss with the psychiatrist, to advocate against psychotropic therapy, and just continue with the gluten free regimen....

Anybody out there have knowledge or experience with primary amennorhea related to celiacs or GI?

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