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Family Member Testing

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I need to send some very general information to my siblings and mother. They all need to get tested (I have 4 siblings) and we have a variety of autoimmune diseases among us, and now that I am on the road to recovery, my dr suggested I tell them to get bloodwork done. Several of them keep saying to me "but, i don't have any digestive issues...or, I'm dealing with my own disease, already!" Anyone know good general links that might be helpful? Also, a link to the full panel, as my 1st dr didn't perform the whole thing and I want to make sure they get the accurate tests. I think if they saw all the various sympotoms it might help, but I know they don't seem interested enough to read a novel! Thanks.

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Here is a link to an article right here on the home page


Also the National Institute of Health is having a celiac awareness campaign here is a link to that also


Those should help get you started. One of the most helpful things for convincing my family to get tested was may recovery and the knowledge that it is advised that any first degree relatives get tested regardless of symptoms. They were all positive including my exhusband.

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