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My son (17mos) is having an endoscopy w/biopsy on Friday morning. Our pedi GI recommended this as a next step despite his celiac panel coming back negative. Based on some bloodwork, he has low serum IgA & IgG (subsets are normal) levels which I've come to understand will skew the celiac panel. Is it possible she'll be able to see any damage? What can I expect? How will recovery be?

Our Immunologist is in full agreement to do the endoscopy b/c of his chronic diarrhea issues (going on 8 mos of soft/loose but NOT greasy stools) & his low Ig levels. We've been able to rule out dairy & soy allergies as the culprit.

At this point, we're not sure if he does or doesn't have celiac- it's just a hunch we're following since I have psoriasis & psoriatic arthritis & some blood work of mine has suggested I could possibly have "asymptomatic" celiac. My son is growing & thriving- 80% for weight & 92% for height so we don't have malabsorption issues; just a very irritable little boy w/reflux that's breaking through 30mg prevacid daily & 3-4 soft/diarrhea diapers a day.

Thanks for any insight/questions I should be asking.

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The endoscopy itself is a piece of cake. I had one and my daughter at 14, also had one. In and out in no time with no pain for us. Some report a slight sore throat. Your dr probably will not be able to see damage and that is why they will take biopsies. Those will be examined microscopically and then they will report the results to you. It's a good step because if he is asymptomatic, he will have years of damage with no indicators until something really serious results. Better to know now.

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