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  1. Amber52377

    Is Testing Necessary?

    We opted to have our son tested when he was 15mos old knowing the results most likely wouldn't be accurate b/c of 1)...
  2. My youngest son was diagnosed w/a gluten/wheat allergy this past Friday (May 13th) after doing a 2 mo elimination diet...
  3. See a pedi immunologist. Low IgG means something's going on w/the immune system & is most often related to Primary...
  4. My son (17mos) is having an endoscopy w/biopsy on Friday morning. Our pedi GI recommended this as a next step despite...
  5. Amber52377

    Also Suffering From Sinusitis?

    I'm jumping in a bit late here... in my quest to find out what's wrong w/my 16mo son, I've come across this. CVID...
  6. My youngest son's been undergoing testing for celiac. So far he's had: anti endomysial antibodies crp quantitative...
  7. Amber52377

    Blood Work

    I have a new lab request w/the following tests being ordered: IgG, IgA, IgM, IgE serum level IgG Subclasses I, II...
  8. Hi there, newbie here! My son (15mos) recently saw a pedi GI b/c of chronic diarhhea & GERD issues. Based on...