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Does This Sound Like Celiac?

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I have been suffering from off and on diarrhea for months. I also get really bad cramps sometimes after eating, plus I just developed heartburn. I also have had chronic pelvic pain since January which they cannot find a diagnosis for.

The past month or so, in addition to bad rosacea on myt face, I developed a very itchy rash on my legs, elbow and buttocks. It looks like little red dots that itch and bleed and scab and itch again. One dr said it was scabies, but the dermatologist says it's eczema with really bad dry skin that I have made infected by scratching.

I suggested the possibility of celiac with my dr and she ordered the blood test yesterday. I'm supposed to see a gi dr in a few weeks about the heartburn and gas pains.

I think I have celiac, but none of the drs really think so - they think my symptoms are not related to each other. I also have gained a lot of weight, which is contrary to celiac although I did read you can gain weight with celiac. I also have a few allergies (including peanut) so I know I am an atopic person.

Does this sound like celiac? Any advice? Is it hard to diagnose?


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A lot of your symptoms certainly sound suspicious for celiac or gluten intolerance. It will be interesting to see the results of your tests. Please post them here on the forum, with the ranges the lab uses. Diarrhea, cramps, GERD, rashes, yes, even weight gain, are all symptoms that some celiacs have. Keep us informed.

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