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Accidental Gluten Ingestion, Testing And Other ?'s...

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DS was accidentally given teddy grahams today at kindergarten. He has celiac. I was thinking of having him retested as he never had the "gold standard" of a biopsy, just the antibody (which the GI doc said were so high we could "presume" celiac disease) blood tests. How long does it take for gluten to show up on a blood test? We are strictly Gluten-free Casein-free so this is a HUGE amount of gluten for him to have digested at one shot. I've already given him digestive enzymes and probiotics. Any other advice would also be appreciated. Thanks!


PS Yes, the school is VERY MUCH aware of celiac and such. The snack was in my son's backpack (it was a single serve pack and my older son must have put it in the wrong backpack) and the teacher just assumed it was a "special snack" for that day. She was crying after I told her they were not gluten free. I don't blame them, but will use this as a learning experience.

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That small amount isn't enough to damage his intestines for testing purposes. It's recommended that children have 6-8 weeks daily consumption for testing.

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