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Early Celiac?

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I just received from my doctor the interpretation of my biopsy results in the mail (too late to call for clarification, so thought I'd ask here.) It said I had "early" celiac disease. The blood tests were (according to the doctor when he ordered the EGD) "overwhelmingly positive" for celiac. So what is early? Everything I've read indicates you either have it or you don't - like being pregnant (you are or you aren't.) Any input would be appreciated - thanks!

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One guess would be that they mean that the changes that they saw in your biopsy were "mild", but consistent with Celiac, as opposed to completely flattened villi. There is a spectrum of damage that can happen in the intestine, but keep in mind, the damage can be patchy (varying degrees of damage in different places).

The combo of positive bloodwork and positive biopsy = Celiac.

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