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Melbourne Coeliacs

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Exhibition center this Saturday

Gluten free food show.


Also I noticed alot supermarkets sometimes they have great gluten-free range sometimes not so great which is the best supermarket for greatest variety of gluten-free food in Australia

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Did you go to the show? I went and found it quite interesting. It was nice to be able to just snack and not worry about things not being gluten-free. I ate way too much :lol: I knew about most of the products there but did get a few surrpises which was good and I also got to taste some things whichI havent bought up until now because they were expensive and I didnt want to risk losing my money on more stuff that doesnt taste god.

I think Coles & Safeway are pretty good and a lot of the IGA's have a good range too. Have you been to Absolutely Gluten Free in Werribee? or Sunnybrook? they stock all gluten-free - like mini supermarkets.

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