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New To Forums & Idea Of Possible Celiac

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I am new to the forums here and new to the whole idea that I may have Celiac disease. I have been ill all my life and it started when I was a toddler with severe stomach pain and stomach acid coming up in my mouth. Needless to say..after years of being ill I am now to the point of being disabled and can barely function. There are times in the recent past that I layed down at night to go to sleep and really wondered if I would wake the following morning. I have so many symptoms of this disease that its ridiculous that the doctors didn't check me for Celiac sooner. I was actually the one that discovered the possiblity, which is sad. I will post later with all my symptoms over the years and about what age I was when I first noticed them, in hopes it will get some of my questions answered and maybe help someone else that is like me. I had to blood test done for Celiac, but it came back negative, which is something I sort of expected since I have been ill with this for so long that my body no longer reacts as it should enough to show up on bloodwork. I did get my surgeon to set up an EGD, since I have to have that and the lower scope done on a regular basis, anyway, due to all the trouble I have with my digestive system. Anway, I will post the findings of the biopsies that were taken during my EGD. From what I understand, the surgeon found several bad areas and took a biopsy of each.

Tell I have more time to write......may you all be well.

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Your bloodwork could be negative if you are IGA deficient. If you want to know, you could post the results along with the lab's parameters here for someone to look at.

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