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Help! New Bloating And Weight Gain

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Please help everyone. I have been gluten free since April, but suddenly in July became moderately bloated and then about 3 weeks ago blew up to about 7-8 months pregnant. A CT scan revealed a small (4cm) ovarian cyst and hiatal hernia....but the doctors really don't think that is what is causing the bloating. I have never been this bloated even when I was eating gluten.......any stories, advice or solutions would be greatly appreciated. (also during this time I have gained 16 pounds in 2 months)......signed........fat and frustrated.......thanks

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You could have another intolerance. Did you cut out dairy when you were diagnosed? If not do so now. Another real common intolerance is soy. Unfortunately many of the gluten free baked goods items contain soy and we often find we are eating a great deal more than before diagnosis. I would cut that out for now also. When your feeling better you can add them in one at a time and see if you see a reaction.

Also think back to July if you were doing well before that, did anything change? Did you start a big remodeling project? Especially one with drywall. Did you start doing a new craft? Change a pet food or litter or aquire one you hadn't had before? Are you eating out more? Have you added more processed foods into your diet? How about prescription drugs, are those being checked at each refill? Supplements, are you reading the labels ingredients as well as looking for 'Gluten Free' on those as some will have barley or wheat grass in them and still have gluten-free on the label?

I hope this was helpful and that you are feeling better soon.

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