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Got My Results From Entrolab

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Got my results the other day. Here thery are :

Anti-gliadin IgA 12

Transglutaminase IgA 8

Fecal Fat 366

casein IgA 12

HLA-DQB1 0302

HLA-DQB1 0602

My bloodwork (done my my primary care) was gliadin IgA 1.3 (out of 10)

transglut AB 1 (out of 3)

I had an upper gi where they found a hiatal hernia, scarring of the esophagus from GERD but nothing in the bowel (although they didn't really look there) but they ruled out inflammatory bowel/Chron's.

When I went g.f. for a week, my acne and rash cleared up but I was still on milk so I kept having the diahrrea and cramping. My doc told me to go back on gluten but stop milk, and the cramping etc stopped but my rash came back.

So, my primary care thinks I'm nuts and a hypochondriac but if going gluten-free and milk free can make me feel better, then I'm willing to try it and get my life back.

Any advice? Thanks


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I think your plan to go gluten and casien free is a good one.

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What Ravenwood said.

You really have to be your own advocate when it comes to Celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Try the diet for at least a month and see if you notice a difference, most do.

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The Enterolab lab range for the casein is >10, you scored 12, seems somewhat positive. The Anti-gliadin IgA and Transglutaminase IgA are lowish but the fecal fat analysis says you aren't absorbing fat.

as the others said seems like a good plan to eliminate gluten and casein ;)

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