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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. hi David, I'm glad the primary person is willing to forgive you, what you described sounds like an unsettling experience. as for your question about how alcohol affects us, I too am self diagnosed but can say that in the past year and a half I've progressively become a "cheap drunk" in the...
  3. Thanks for the response, I like a lot of these veggies but have also had problems with hypothyroid symptoms and was starting to wonder.
  4. RiceGuy, in your studies have you ever come across what level of exposure/ingestion of the vegetables on that list is needed before it begins to supress the thyroid? just curious. maile
  5. Hi Nicole, I agree with mushroom sounds like you need to be very simple to let your gut heal...the stewed apples sound like a good idea, or you could consider stewed pears (they're apparently less acidic???) you mentioned soup, have you considered congee? this is about 3/4 c rice, 9 cups of...