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Nichole 1

My Child Has The Flu

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Hi moms

Has anyone been prescribed Tamiflu compounded with ora-sweet sf. I have a 4 year old with celiac and now has the flu. He was given tamiflu compounded. He had a reaction but not sure if it was because of the meds. I have checked the ingredients in both tamiflu and ora-sweet and it seemed to be ok. Although there were a couple of ingredients not on the list of SAFE-INGREDIENTS list. I was just wondering if anyone else had a reaction.


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My daughter took the tamiflu and she got sick, called the pharmacy and they said up to 20% of people do not tolerate it well. Told if was gluten-free, but for her to stop taking it, all it does (so i was told) is make the flu not last as long like a day and half. She did fine after she stpped taking it. Good luck and hope she feels better soon.

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