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Endoscopy Tomorrow

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I'm nervous about my endoscopy tomorrow. I know I'll be sedated but the thought of something down my throat freaks me out!

I have been gluten free for about 2 weeks now (although I accidentally ate croutons in a salad last night!) and am pretty much milk free, altough it's hard. Symptoms are calming down a bit - rash on face and legs is going away - I lost 10 lbs! I'm finding that I'm hungry all the time, and when I see a commercial for pizza or hamburger, I go crazy with cravings!

They are doing the endoscopy because of GERD, but I'm going to ask them to take biopsies for celiac too. How soon do they give you the results?



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I had my first endoscopy, the one that diagnosed celiac disease, on a Friday. I could have had the results on the following Tuesday, but for personal reasons chose to have the follow-up appointment on the Thursday.

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