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Help Please! A Few Questions

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I was diagnosed with celiac a month ago and have been gluten-free since then.

I have always had challenging skin (over the years have been on antibiotics, accutane, tried proactiv and every topical cream/gel out there), but NEVER had issues with my chest or back, which are now covered with red bumps that are sometimes painful, as is my scalp, and my face is about as bad as it ever was although where I breakout has changed (more forehead and around my nose and less on my chin).

What I don't understand is why my skin seems to be getting worse instead of better now that I'm gluten free?? Has anyone had this experience?

Also, unrelated, I am going for a bone density screening today and was wondering if anyone could tell me what that entails.

Finally, unrelated as well, I saw some forum discussions about movie popcorn and thought I would add my $.02. A couple weeks ago I had popcorn at a Loews without additional topping, and 2-3 hours later got incredibly sick - sweating, chills, nausea, stabbing stomach pain and terrible diarrhea, keeping me up until 6AM when I was able to get an hour of sleep. I had had pad thai earlier that night and some haagen dazs frozen yogurt (deemed gluten-free) later, and have to conclude it was the popcorn.

Anyway, if anyone can weigh in on my skin and bone density questions I would appreciate it, thank you!

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The bone density scan is easy. You stay fully clothed......take off jewelry and shoes, if I remember correctly. I think I had to unsnap my pants. You lay down and a scanner moves over the length of your body.

My complexion originally improved when I went gluten-free, but then got worse. I have since realized that sugar is my problem in that respect.

Was the pad thai from home or a restaurant? If a restaurant, then cc could be an issue. Or perhaps you are having issues with dairy. Or it could be that your system is too sensitive right now to handle popcorn.

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