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So Confused!

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So I did blood tests which were negative to gliadin IgA and tisse transglutaminase. I did entrolab stool test which showed slightly high IgA for gliadin but negative for transglut. I also am carrying one gene for celiac and one gene for gluten intolerance.

Had an endoscopy yesterday. I was told I had flattening of the folds of my duodenum which was "indicative of inflammation" and she did a biopsy for celiac (which I won't get for 2 weeks). She warned that the biopsy could be falsely negative because I had been off gluten for awhile (although I tried to eat gluten the day before the test).

So am I or aren't I? Can you have celiac without the tranglut being high? Can an intolerance that doesn't rise to the level of celiac cause fold flattening?

My head is spinning!


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Since you were off gluten for a while, I think the bloodtest results would be skewed. The biopsy might show it, since you still have indications that were visible.

I hope you get answers soon!

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