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Davio's Nothern Italian Steakhouse (foxboro, Ma Also In Boston, Ma)

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Well I went to the Pats game over the weekend (crazy snow storm hit right as the game started lol, but awesome pouncing on the Titans) and wanted to get some lunch before the game, so I did some research on a few places, Red Robin is in Patriots Place right there as is Olive Garden, and just on a whim I checked the web site for an Italian restaurant called Davio's, I had been to the one in Boston years before I was diagnosed, but had no reason to go since. Come to find out they have a complete gluten-free menu on their web site!!

So I knew where I wanted to eat.

There was a long wait to get a table, hour and a half, but when I gave the hostess my name I also asked about the gluten-free menu, and she told me her daughter had Celiac's as well, and within about 10 more minutes bam I was seated, she was very sweet to do that so that was pretty awesome. Sometimes it's good to have Celiac's I guess haha.

Anyways, I had some Prosciutto as an appetizer, they didn't have any gluten-free breads, but their menu has alot of selections for Celiacs. I got some gluten-free spaghetti and it wasn't the best gluten-free pasta I've had but it was definitely not bad, I'm always excited to just get "normal" non-meat foods when I have a chance at a restaurant.

Anyways, nice option if you are in the city or going to the Pats game.

Unfortunately, the stadium is not nearly as accomodating, as you can probably imagine, although I know alot of stadiums are starting to be. So I wanted to make sure I got food in me before we got inside. Last year I went and was lucky enough to get club seats via work where they had a bar with all the hard liquor you want, but this time I was in the main area and could not find a wine/hard liquor bar to save my life, even when I asked the people at the beer areas they had no clue, I kept getting pointed different ways or told that I needed the access to the club area. I finally got a frozen Margheretta at one of those pre-made frozen drink booths, which ingredient wise would seem safe, and although it was probably one of the bigger leaps of faith I've made since going gluten-free, I didn't get sick from it etc. so that was good (yes I was fiending a drink bad, I was at a Pats game what do you expect lol).

Anyways, also had a great experience at a 99 near the motel I stayed at that night, waiter was very friendly and knew all about food allergies, made sure the friolator was dedicated for just fries, and had a great bunless burger, so all in all a good experience.

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