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Kelloggs All Bran Drink

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I had been somewhat constipated for the first half of my life when my doctor suggested that I eat a high bran cereal. I started eating heroic portions of bran flakes for breakfast every morning and was regular until I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. There went the bran flakes, and back came the constipation. Recently I discovered a Kool-Aid like mix called Kelloggs All Bran Fiber Drink Mix which I found works very well, completely dissolves into a Kool-Aid or Crystal Light type drink. It tastes and has the texture of something you might really want to drink and not the glass of raw eggs texture that Metamucil has. Well the old adage that if it is too good to be true it probably is, is true as Kelloggs, for what ever reason, has stopped manufacturing the product. I have bought up what I could find locally and on the interent, but it won't last forever. I have called Kelloggs and urged them to return to manufacturing this product, but so far they have not. There is a fourm that among other things has advocated for its restoration at bite_of_the_best.com. If you are looking for a high fiber product without wheat or gluten this is the stuff for you . However, we need to convince Kelloggs to resume manufacture so we can obtain the benefits. kellogg's customer service number is 1-800-962-1413


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