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Cafeteria Style Vegetables--gluten Free?

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I am relatively new to having DH, and I am having to scrutinize the places, at which I eat out.

Here in the foothills of NC, we have a cafeteria, J&S, where you enter a serving line and request the foods you want. They serve quite a number of cooked vegetables (green beans, peas, carrots, mashed potatoes, etc.). These vegetables are cooked in what I would call "home-cooking" type fashion. I asked the manager about gluten content, and he was unsure. He said that they cook the vegetables in "vegetable oil" and with "vegetable seasoning."

Are these ingredients safe? Are cooked vegetables generally safe?

I would hate to give up this place but will if necessary.

Thanks for any help!

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unless you know what's in the "vegetable seasoning", I would not assume i'ts safe

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