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Seeking Celiac Pro Opinions

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Hello everyone - I'm new to all this and was seeking a dialogue and second opinion(s) based on what's happened to me, and if anyone could help me better define the cause:

Symptoms -

Extreme fatigue with shortness of breath

Dizzy, faint, with tunnel vision (especially when rising)

Chest pains; sometimes dull, sometimes very sharp; heart beats "hard" then relaxes

Irritated bowels; bloated, diarrhea, gas, urgency, cramps

Often feel extremely cold

Sometimes when I pee, there's a white powder / burning

Aching muscles that spasm, feel weak

Pins and needles in hands, feet; easy to lose circulation

Face numb with weird taste in mouth

Palms often dripping wet with sweat

Mental fogginess, anxiety, depression, dream-like, everything "delayed"

Migraines and tension headaches; head sometimes vibrates with ringing in ears


Last Winter Vertigo and more / more severe bowel irritation than usual

July / August Increased bowel irritation

Early September Bouts of unexplained anxiety / depression and sudden nausea

Onslaught of migraines and severe bowel irritation

Mid September Insomnia, nausea and bowel irritation

Anxiety attacks began

Nose also became stuffy

Other History:

Migraines since childhood, about 1-2 a year (until 3 over a few days in early Sept.)

Constant tension headaches, 2-3 a week

Irritated bowels throughout life, with "episodes" every 2-3 days

Kidney stones several years ago, still have powder in urine / severe irritation

I ordered a celiac test with the following results:

IgA - 1.2 (out of 11.99)

IgG - 12.4 (out of 11.99)

IgA AB - 2.3 (out of 9.99)

Any insights would be greatly appreciated - thank you very much for your time!

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You do have a lot of possibly celiac related symptoms. If you are planning on having a biopsy keep eating gluten until that is done. When a celiac related testing is finished do give the diet a good strict try for a couple of months. Read as much as you can here and ask any other questions you need to.

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