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Rash In Armpit?

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I have been eating gluten foods for the last week or 2. I enjoyed them...but got the consequences for eating them : migraine, irritability, brian fog, aches and pains, stomache issues, fatigue. Now, I have this rash in my left armpit, incredibly itchy, very red. Is this the Dermatitis herpetiformis? I never read of it being located in the pits. I am itchy all over, but thats the only place where I am broken out. I do have the occasional bump or rash if thats what it is near hairline and near facial line. Every where else is itchy like i got bugs crawling on me. NAd yes I am extremely stressed these days in addition to eating the gluten which is why i ate the gluten.....comfort food. Any thoughts?

Ho's Ho's and bread were simply yummy!!!!! And the nilla wafers.

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They may have been yummy but were those gluten 'comfort foods' worth the price you are paying now? The rash you describe could very well be DH, especially if when it heals it leaves purpleish coloured scars. While the armpit may not be someplace one usually hears of with a DH outbreak they can show up there. I had them there quite often and they tended to be quite painful so I do feel for you.

If you want some safe substitutes for your old favorite comfort foods please ask and someone will likely know of something that will take care of the craving without the risk.

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