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We just got back from a fabulous mini vacation to the Kalahari! We bought a package that included meals, i know I live on the edge! We got to the hotel with our own foods just in case! However, i talked to the chef immediately upon arrival-the bell boy went right in and got him for me, they had a new gluten free menu they are trying out-we got to try lots of FREE foods to give them our take on them! I have to say we ate 6 meals there and never once got ooooopied-they prepared things in a different area for us-they checked every label to be sure-they had special cheese that was NOT tossed with flour, fabulous chocolate cake and brownie bites and this gluten free pizza to just go gaga over-they also had chicken fingers(yes breaded-that were LARGE) and breaded chicken wings as well-over all I would say it was the best trip we have ever taken! Food wise I was shocked at how helpful everyone was! The water parks were totally awesome too! We cant wait to go back!

Oh and if anyone is in the fort wayne area we visit the steak and shake on st rd 37 a ton and they will take good care of you just ask for the manager and tell them christines family sent ya!!!!!!!

Some places are super helpful other act like they would rather you leave! I want to be sure I share this info so others can enjoy the places we have found to take good care of us!!! :D

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