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Kidney Issues

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Hi All,

I have posted here before about some kidney issues. Bottom line is that since going gluten-free, my kidney labs are WAY off and I developed massive insterstitial edema as a result. I've been to 8 docs with no answers.

I went to see a new nephro yesterday, who is fairly sure it is hormone related :huh: I was vey sick for about 10 years before the celiac dx. When I went gluten-free, my thyroid went hypo, parathyroid went hyper and a whole bunch of vitamin deficiences. All vitamin and mineral levels are normal now. He feels fairly certain that my kidneys have not gone bad, but are being negatively effected by the hormones.

Doc thinks that even though some hormone levels have been tested and were "normal" they need to be restested because I was taking diuretics and that will cause false readings.

Has anyone found hormonal imbalance to be the cause for edema/kidney issues? We have determined that between weight records, physical exam and body testing that I am carrying around an extra 50 pounds of fluid :o It's very uncomfortable and i sure do hope this is the answer. Thoughts?

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