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Julio's In Livonia, Mi - Huge gluten-free Menu, Manager Has Celiacs

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We went to Julio's in Livonia Michigan tonight. Been recommended several times and we tried it out.

Over 1/2 their menu is gluten-free and the manager has Celiac's according to the waitress.

Totally separate prep area, different pots for gluten-free versus non-gluten-free.

Not cheap, gluten-free items are usually $2.00 more. I had the Veal Marsala....I prefer more of a cream sauce so it wasn't my favorite way to have it however the veal itself was excellent. Next time I might ask them to add some cream. They served a gluten-free bread which while heavy had good flavor and served warm with butter and Pesto was excellent. The linguine w/ sauce was great.

The wife had the Gnocchi which is not gluten-free but half of the menu was gluten-free and they made the appetizers gluten-free too which is usually not the case.

Waitress was very educated on it and we'd go back for sure.

It was not cheap. Veal was $24 w/ gluten-free option....we had the veal and gnocchi plus an ice tea and diet coke with 20 percent tip it was $60 but zero reaction.

There are plenty of gluten-free restaurants around but this is one of the nicer ones and its nice to have a good relaxing dinner without having to sacrifice what you have to eat when dining out.

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