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Pizza Parties At School

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Maybe his class could eat their pizza in the cafeteria or other room to keep the crumbs out of the regular classroom?

I think I would try two things. 1 - Send in a Costco case of Clorox wipes and ask the teacher to wipe down tables after parties. Follow up. I've been a real pain for my son's preschool class but its only going to get worse until he's old enough to be responsible for himself. 2 - Send in cold pizza, with one of those individual hand wipes and a paper plate and a drink. Basically, keep his stuff contained to his backpack so there's less contact with contaminated stuff.

Good luck - next year we have "pizza Tuesday" to look forward to once a week. Ugh.


Mommy to Steven, age 4 - diagnosed with Celiac July 2009 at age 3 via TTG IGA and endoscope/biopsy. He's grown several inches since going gluten-free!

And to Paige, age 6 - No celiac disease, just a picky eater

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