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Udi's Bread

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I don't understand all this talk about enzymes, etc., but i've been eating Udi's bread for about a year and have developed severe malabsorption problems (40 lb. weight loss and sudden onset of severe osteoporosis). Just had an endoscope in December and after 14 years of 'clean/no problem' scopes, my villi is once again blunted and flattened. Now I notice that when I eat this bread, I feel queazy. (I didn't pay attention to this beforehand.....how could I be sick, I'm my doc's most 'compliant celiac' - couldn't be an adverse effect of gluten). Now I'm wondering.....anybody else have problems w/this bread? I've heard from a few of you, any others? Udi's bread is GREAT....but it appears that I'm one of the few who cannot tolerate it. Super-sensitive I guess.....alas.

Hi. I have not been able to eat Udi's bread either. I am more sensitive. They test at 10ppm gluten contamination, where 20ppm is allowed in gluten free foods. 10ppm is also the level to be "certified gluten free". I react to that level. I cannot eat most labeled gluten free foods. I seem to be okay with companies that test 5ppm, or undectable at 5ppm. That is the lowest that they can test. My go to company for bread is Kinnikinnick. They are "undetectable at 5ppm". They also test each ingredient as it comes in to ensure that it's not contaminated. Enjoy Life and Gluten Free 123 also test the same. I'm sure that there are others, but you'd have to call each company. Shars has not responded to 2 emails questioning there testing, so I don't trust them. Food for Life was awful for me...they process with barley...hindsight. It sounds like you are going to have to start watching for lower levels of contamination now. You should start checking out the "super sensitive" section of this forum. I know it sucks:(

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