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Just A Little Rant.... Sorry :)

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OMG I just had a major realization about how serious this whole gluten thing is. I ate some soup the other day and after seeing that it was gluten-free (ingredients in the list were gluten-free and it was at a health food store, so they are aware of gluten issues), I start eating it and taste something mildly crunchy-chewy that had a familiar taste of wheat/barley! HOLY COW was I upset! At first I had no reaction and thought, OK maybe it was a piece of something else, but NO!!! about 5 or so hours later, I felt the stupid inflammation/pain feeling come on in the upper GI area and it lasted me into the next day.

It wasnt an extreme reaction, but it was enough to make me think about how hard we work every day to feel good! Not to feel sorry for myself, but this feels hard sometimes!

Thanks guys!

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If this was a soup prepared at the store make sure you let them know. I hope your feeling better soon.

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