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  1. I have been trying to order stuff off of Triumph Dining for weeks. They don’t return calls and their site seems to be messed up. Did they go out of business??
  2. Well, with Starbucks it is so hit or miss that I am kinda not into having coffees there anymore. I am actually glad that I am not the only one with this dilema. The latest was likely a peppermint soy mocha sans whip that got me. Im sick of that, so I just have chosen to only get tea or black coffee...
  3. If you go to their website, you can click on contact us, then they have a list of FAQs. They have a thing about gluten about 5 or 6 questions down. I looked to check on their fajita mix that I am going to have tonight! I was wondering specifically about maltodextrin since it has ''malt'' in...
  4. Thanks guys! I felt OK after it, a little headachey but that was all. Lesson learned!
  5. Ok... so I just drank a Corona light because I have another celiac friend who also drinks it... and now that Im researching I cant find out if its actually brewed with barley or just corn as some people have told me. I usually get a tension headache when I drink non gluten-free beer, and I have...