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  1. I have been trying to order stuff off of Triumph Dining for weeks. They don’t return calls and their site seems to be messed up. Did they go out of business??
  2. thanks- read the Chicago center and they say 1/2 piece of bread or cracker a day for 12 weeks before test. Will look at the other centers then decide.
  3. I have Hashimoto's and will be tested for celiac soon... Hope you get some answers!
  4. Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted... I have symptoms of gluten intolerance and my doctor wants me to have the celiac panel done to check and see if I have celiac disease, or a non celiac gluten sensitivity. I ate gluten last Wednesday in the form of a glorious baguette and paid dearly for it all weekend. It was a re introduction of gluten after being off for about five weeks as part of a detox/elimination diet to figure out why I have been so tired for so long. Also found out today I have Hashimoto's disease. Nice. I've read that one must be currently eating gluten before getting tested and I want to know how much and for how long before I go and get myself tested. I want the. Test to truly reflect what is going on so I can know if I have celiac or not! Knowledge is power! Thanks!
  5. Just curious to see what you all have for a reaction time on average if you accidentaly eat gluten. I usually feel it gradually build up from within a couple hours with the worst coming the day or two after. What about you all?
  6. haleym

    "jules" Brand?

    Their graham cracker mix is really, really good.... prepare to eat the dough up before even baking it. I love it... just be careful re: cross contamination (see above posts!)
  7. While in Finland and maybe Estonia, look for products from Semper and Finax. Gluten free is ''GLUTEENITON'' in Finnish, and since a lot of things are writting in Swedish also in Finland, GLUTENFRI, GLUTENFRITT and GLUTENFRIA is gluten free in Swedish. Finland, like Sweden, is total gluten free heaven. I lived in Sweden for a while and got to experience this first hand! Happy travels!
  8. haleym

    Inflammatory Foods

    Mostly irritated/hot feeling... ice gives relief. Hmmm... have not gone nuts on the nightshades but I will check that out. Thanks!
  9. Hello everyone. Today I woke up and noticed that my thoracic spine/neck feel inflamed and it is kinda freaking me out. That's never really happened to me before and I am wondering if any of you have ever experienced this kind of thing? I've heard that certain foods have inflammatory properties and should be avoided by people who have inflammation issues. Does anyone know of any good resources/books/tips about this? I *may* have gotten glutenized yesterday at a restaurant because I also have some of the familiar GI sx today as well. But ive never gotten a wierd inflammation reaction like that! *sigh of frustration* this is SO hard! Thanks for any ideas y'all might have
  10. haleym

    Reactions Are Changing

    Yes, now I seem to get more of a total body reaction- tired, stabbing-like stomach pain, crabby, thirsty and constipation. And it starts as long as 2 days from the time I accidentaly eat gluten. I used to only get really bad bloating and pains before I stopped eating gluten. Those are still there, but with added symptoms now. Glad Im not the only one!
  11. Hello Guys! Thanks for reading this. Some short background before I ask your opinion and advice. A year ago I was suspected of having Celiac, and they ran a blood test and said everything looked OK and did not show evidence of celiac. I was still having really bad digestion issues so my ARNP told me to try the diet, which I did very sloppily and reported back to her that it didn't change my sx. Well, a while later I did my research and saw that I was not being careful at all and tried a month long strict gluten free diet, which TOTALLY helped. I never followed up on it and 9 months later I am still gluten free and doing super well, so much better than a year ago. I'd like to tell my ARNP that the diet worked and that I think she was right about celiac or gluten intolerance, but I am not sure it would be worth getting further evaluated because I think she would make me go on a gluten challenge and then run the tests again. I am curious to hear what you would do. Also, is it standard to run a total IgA when they run the Celiac panel. I've had some issues with skewed allergy test results (skin prick) and wonder if that could be related to having IgA deficiency. I've heard that IgA deficient people will test negative for Celiac even if they really do have it. THANKS very much for your advice, it is very appreciated! Haley
  12. haleym

    Since Going Gluten Free....

    I am going on 9 months gluten-free and would not go back to eating gluten again. I lost persistent stomach pain and bloating, and some other embarassing GI stuff. My acne has started to get better, thank GOD!, and I have saved money because I have been eating home-made lunches for the last months. Ive accidentaly eaten gluten once, and it has been a reminder of what life was like in the past. Im a massage therapist, and it was NO fun to have sudden pain or flatulence (!) in the middle of a session. That SUCKED. No more of that! YAY!
  13. haleym

    Big Time Glutening & No Reaction!

    Interesting, and great topic! I ate some questionable pasta salad after 8 months of strict gluten-free-ness. I had no immediate reaction but the next day I had some cramping and feel that typical scratchiness-sand paper in gut type feeling. I guess that each person reacts slightly different, but that doesnt mean that we can cheat on our diets if it only hurts a little at first. THANKS very much for bringing this up!
  14. haleym

    Should I Even Bother?

    Having been in the same boat, and having had a blood test come out neg. and then reacting very well to the gluten-free diet, I would say that sometimes we know our bodies well enough to know what we should and shouldnt be eating. I would imagine it would be empowering to have a dx because then you have the ''on paper'' factor on your side.
  15. haleym

    What Is Your Daily Diet?

    my daily diet (I have very little variety in my diet, I know... I use Kinnikinnick brown sandwich bread- nuke it for 30 sec to make it soft. coffee yoghurt and open sandwiches with pickles, mustard and pastrami or eggs, corn tortilla/polenta, salsa and refried beans last nights leftovers coffee apple or gluten-free granola bar possibly som popcorn open sandwiches/grilled cheese and some kind of soup and salad dessert- yoghurt with blurberries, or if Ive baked any dessert (usually crustless apple pie) I'll have that.