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Dr. Recommended I Go Gluten Free Dispite No Diagnoses

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My endo recommended I should go gluten free, even though I don't have a diagnoses. I had a celiac profile and according to that the results were negative however I don't think I was given the right test. The only things tested were endomysial antibody IgA, t-transglutaminase (ttg) iga, and immunoglobulin A, Qn, serum.

I think theres a few things that were missed!

Anyway I've been gluten free for four days now and I've noticed some changes.

1. Headaches stopped!

2. Definitely not as gassy

3. I was having heartburn everyday, even from eating cereal. Sometimes it's hardly noticeable and others it's not even present.

4. I don't know if this is even a symptom but my heart isn't racing anymore! Night time was the worse, it would feel like my heart was trying to jump out, and the heart palpitations were horrible. It's completely stopped. I think my heart rate would be at around 100-110 when trying to goto sleep and now its normal.

I thought going gluten free would be hard, but so far I'm doing ok.

I'm a very picky eater though. I hate most veggies. I'm afraid I'm gonna gain even more weight because my food options are so limited. Anyone have suggestions? I am a junk food junkie.. What are some healthier alternatives?

Oh yea, and where could I go to find a list of ingredients that could indicate hidden gluten? I think I read somewhere that "natural flavorings" are bad but I can't find the link again.

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Unsafe ingredients: http://www.celiac.co...ents/Page1.html

Safe ingredients: http://www.celiac.co...ents/Page1.html

A list of companies that has a clear gluten policy. If you don't see "wheat, rye, barley, barley malt, oats" on the labels, its not there, or hidden in "flavors, starches, etc." http://www.glutenfre...lists/index.htm and http://glutenfreeins...ct_updates.html This makes shopping MUCH easier.

FDA foods are required to list wheat - it cannot be hidden.

Rule #1: Never eat anything without reading the label first.

Rule #2: Consistently check labels, even of your favorite products, as product formulations can change.

Rule #3: If you are unsure of an ingredient, or the company's policy on labeling, call the phone number on the back of the product or email the company.

Great info to get you started: http://www.gluten.net/publications.php

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I'm glad you're feeling better! I guess I avoid hidden gluten by not eating foods that list anything that isn't plain english. At first corn also bothered me and I had developed some odd veggie allergies so it was pretty much just meat and fruit. I lost 10 lbs and have kept it off.

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that's fantastic! i too have heart palps/racing. (i was on metaprolol but weaned off of it). after reading your post, i am hoping this is cured for me as i eat gluten free (day 3 today). could they possibly go hand in hand?!

good luck! :)

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