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Eat'N'Park Has gluten-free Rolls!

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I had a great experience at our local Eat'N'Park.

I had heard a rumor that they had gluten-free rolls, so I called to find out. I was told that they did, so went there for dinner. The waitress also assured us that they had them.

There was a slight bump in the road, when the manager came over to tell us that they were OUT of them. My kids were very disappointed, as they had ordered burgers and sandwiches with those rolls. I knew there was another Eat'N'Park nearby, and asked if they would call to see if THEY had them, and that if they did, I'd be happy to go pick them up if they would spare them.

The manager was fantastic. She called the other restaurant, and then SENT SOMEONE TO PICK UP A BOX OF gluten-free ROLLS FROM THEM.

I have no idea who made the rolls, but they were very good. They came frozen, apparently. The waitress said that they would microwave them, and I suggested that she ask the chef to toast or grill them after microwaving, and they did.

We thanked them profusely, and left a nice big tip.

This was a HUGE contrast to Red Lobster--see my post on that!

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