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When To Be Concerned In 10 Yr Old?

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I'm wondering if I need to have my 10 yr old tested for celiacs. She has always been the tallest. Now many girls in her class are taller than her. She is super skinny. Always thin. Always had dairy issues and constipation issues. I have celiacs. One sibling has celiacs. The big alarm item for me has been that she is wearing the same size clothes and sneakers as last year. So for two grades she is in the same size clothes.

If I need to request testing, what do I tell the pediatrician?


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My brother asked his driving instructor once, "When do I know when it's time to turn on the headlights?" and his instructor responded, "As soon as you feel the need to ask that question."

I think it is much the same in choosing when it's time to go to the doctor and get something tested. If something's not right, what can it possibly hurt to start trying to figure out what's wrong. Since it runs in your family, it's all the more important she get tested.

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