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gluten-free And Still Have Problems? This Might Help/

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Hi everyone,

I've know about having celiac disease for almost a year now, and I'm one of those people for who a gluten free diet alone does not seem to work. I was constantly thinking I was getting 'gluttened' by my husband and my son's crumbs, or by some cosmetic that I had not checked. Frustrated, I dedicated a significant amount of time searching. What I found might help many others.

Like many other people with celiac disease, I came to the conclusion that I have a 'leaky gut'. When I was first diagnosed, reading those two words together was repulsive. I did not want to consider that in addition to the realization that I have a disease, I also have significant damage to my intestines.

For all of you out there who think they've tried everything, and are so frustrated because you get 'gluttened' every week or few days, PLEASE pick up the books the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and Gut and Psychology Syndrome. These books go into quite a bit of detail explaining why people with celiac disease and other digestive disorders have permeable intestines and how this is connected to many other ailments.

The diet that these books (and websites-just google them) recommend is to have no grains and no starches (potatoes, yams, etc.), and most importantly, NO SUGAR. After the introductory protocol to this diet is followed, it is basically the same as a paleo/primal diet, which makes sense, because these diets are fashioned after what humans are known to have evolved eating before agriculture only 10,00 years ago. It makes sense that many of us have not evolved to incorporate high carb foods well, especially the overly processed versions of the last 50 years.

I am doing so much better now that I'm following the diet. I can't even begin to describe. I can even brush off the croissant crumbs from my son's shirt with my bare hand without freaking out that I'll get contaminated!

I hope this helps some people. SCD/GAPS, Etc., is a pretty strict diet, but there is tons of online support.

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