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Help - Celiac Friendly Universities

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I was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, and my University is woefully short on food options for me. Myself and a few others are looking to prepare information for the Food Services department. Has anyone been through anything like this? Or helped set up a restaurant to celiac-friendly? Any advice or information people could offer would be very helpful.



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I'm in college too.

The problem is that gluten-free alternatives are often more expensive, and preparing them in a way to avoid cross-contamination can be time-consuming and difficult when there's limited space. Colleges usually have tight budgets and the people preparing the food usually aren't trained chefs (more like the equivalent of high school lunch ladies). Considering that we're a small minority on campus, I can understand why schools would be hesitant to switch to a celiac-friendly system. It would certainly make things hard on them.

I would love more gluten-free options, but I'm not expecting it. I usually just pack lunches and make my own dinners.

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