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Loratadine And Symptoms

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Hi all, been gluten free for a few months, had scope from both ends with no findings. I was gluten free for months before tests so as I expected, no celiac per doc. I have "the most stubborn eczema" my derm doc has ever seen on hand and butt. He thinks its not celiac as well. I continue to eat gluten free and Im sure i have been unknowingly glutened during this time. My worst symptoms are rectal itching and mucus discharge. At one time it seemed like I had to rewipe after bowel movements. but now that I eat alot more fiber, It is obvious that its mucus. Frustrated, I decided to self medicate with an old scrip of Loratadine. For half of the day i have no itching or mucusc discharge, then Its starts up again. I know Loratadine is an allergy med, im gluten and lactose free. Kinda confused and extremely frustrated. Anyone have any ideas?

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