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Reverse-Engineering Udi's Bread

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I'm new here and hope you don't mind if I chime in. I'm a cook and a baker so I can't wait to give this bread a try. I haven't tried making gluten-free bread yet because with it just being me to cook for, it was just easier for me to buy this bread at the health food store. The cost for bread was one of my biggest shocks after finding out I had Celiac Disease not that long ago.

I can offer a hint about the falling center of this bread at least for now. Fluid amounts are a factor always. It also has to do with the ingredients not being included in the recipe. The ingredients added by Udi's for texture and anti-molding etc. But there are things you can do to substitute, I will just have to experiment like all of you are doing.

I noticed one person said to whip the egg whites, this is correct and will make a better bread when not using wheat flour. Egg whites should always be added after oil fats. And water should be added after egg and oil fats are included to your recipe. When you add the oil (fats) to a bread and when you add water make a difference to the reactions of bread making. Fluffier, heavier, time needed to cook etc.

If the recipe is goopy, the bread will also fall at its center. Flours used that are not wheat will need to be rolled and tucked before panning them. Try gluten-free flouring a board and slowly pouring goopy mixture onto it while gently kneading it until it is firmer.

Note: Not sure is this is also relevant with gluten-free flours but, you might want to make sure if you are a coffee drinker to glove your hands. Coffee creates acids in our hands as we exert them in kneading and will affect how bread rises.

If the recipe for this bread is what you like "but" it's the falling center that frustrates you, then use a smaller bread pan when cooking this recipe. Yes, the bread will be smaller but the center will not experiance the same mishap. I have several different pan sizes and use the smaller pans for all the gluten-free sweet breads I make and haven't had any of the centers fall with this heavier mixture recipes.

I hope something of what I have said helps you.

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